Chris Youmans new single «Draw the Line»

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Chris Youmans

Chris Youmans has reached the peak of pop catharsis with his riveting new single, «Draw the Line». This dance floor jawdropper is the latest evolution of Youmans’s new sound, where he has found his pop footing, displaying significant growth in his artistry and identity.

In «Draw the Line», Youmans draws on romantic dysfunction and personal turmoil to create a timeless, five-star record that takes a grip on the kind of memory every listener holds somewhere in their heart and merges it with Youmans’s own drama. What distinguishes «Draw the Line» —what makes it art—is the contradiction between its cheerful surface and its anguished heart. Here is a radio-friendly record about anger, rumination, and loss. The song radiates soulful passion, with deep, personal significance and evocative expressions of internal fracture as each phrase regains its raw, immediate emotional power with lyrical elegance and uncomfortable relatability.

From the sleek bassline to the raw power of Youmans’s most sizzling vocals yet, the song has instant appeal, with hooks piled upon hooks. Youmans distinguishes himself from his contemporaries with a delightful old-meets-new, electronica-meets-soulfulness style. The song’s arrangements are relentlessly catchy and the memorable retro-modern production plays to Youmans’s strengths with its certain kind of deep groove and attitudinal buoyancy. The ferocious chorus is an utterly epic sing-along moment with an endless supply of confidence where the interplay among the vocalists’ killer harmonies create one of the song’s most pleasing elements. All of these factors, plus a great production (especially Youmans’s exquisite guitar solo that jumps right out of the speakers at you) help make the song one of the artist’s biggest and most timeless hits, ever.

«Draw the Line» is the fourth entry from Youmans’s forthcoming EP, «Electric Love Connection». His previous three singles, «Danse», «Too Close» and «Heart of a Lie» have been compared to the likes of Dua Lipa and The Weeknd.

Critics have called Youmans’s newest work «powerful pop perfection” that is «an unparalleled blockbuster because of the music’s quality” and an «immediate earworm».

While Youmans previously recorded, produced and released his 2016 debut EP, Make Things Right, this new venture has blossomed from collaboration with an impeccable team of cutting-edge creative minds. Production contributions come courtesy of LA-based artist and producer, and long-time friend, Daniel Bayot. Renowned artist, Kiah Victoria, and long-time friend, Hannah Glass, have provided additional vocal support, while Aaron Cassou has helmed art direction. The result is a powerful, intergalactic exploration of music and queer love.

Written by: News Room