Thursday, September 21, 2023

On social media, there is a lot of hate directed at non-Swedish Melodifestivalen contestants

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Ephram St. Cloud
Ephram St. Cloud
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This year it was the Norwegian twin duo and Marcus o& Martinus and the Ukrainian refugee Maria Sur that would experience online hate from Sweden.

This year, it was the Norwegian twin duo and Marcus & Martinus, as well as the Ukrainian refugee Maria Sur, who received online abuse from Swedes because they were Melodifestivalen contestants, Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet reports.

Swedish Newspaper Aftonbladet reports that, Express Marcus & Martinus and Maria Sur have both received a lot of backlash on social media.

Some people despise them, particularly on Tiktok. «I enjoy social media, but there are some nasty people on it. I don’t really understand them, she says, and I would never write such things to or about anyone» says Sur.

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