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Magnus Riise – «Earthquake»

today07/09/2023 36

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Picture from Magnus Riise music video of Earthquake with Barrett Foa

Magnus Riise, an independent artist, joyfully announces the premiere of his new music video «Earthquake», which stars Barrett Foa and was directed and choreographed by Monika Felice Smith (Bella Poarch's «Build A B*tch», Doja Cat's «Attention»).

The film begins with a gay couple who appear to have it all, but the plot rapidly devolves into a toxic, yet alluring push-and-pull that exists just beneath the surface.

Magnus wrote the song alongside Jonathan Larson-winning songwriters Tim Rosser and Charlie Sohne (four-time Grammy Award winner India.Arie’s single, «High Above»), and it was crucial to him from the start that the music and video reflected his own experience.

«It took way too many painful experiences to realise that intoxicating and toxic go hand in hand», Magnus says of the song’s message. Too many times have I returned to the same bad folks. I believe that as LGBTQ people’s acceptance has grown, we’ve become more vulnerable to the appeal of partnerships that tick all the boxes of what we’re supposed to want—but don’t have what we need. ‘Earthquake’ is about the vicious spiral of being unable to let go of people you know are not suited for you, and vice versa. But it’s also about the significance of moving on: a reminder that we all deserve the kind of truly unique and individualised love that earlier generations worked so hard for us to be able to seek».

«There was so much in this video that scared me: the choreography, the tight schedule, and, most importantly, the underwater element», Barrett Foa says. But I was intrigued by the prospect of portraying a nuanced, ongoing relationship arc in the heightened environment of music video. «I was honestly undecided. But when my buddy, the eccentric, creative, choreographer and director Monika Felice Smith (sister of my NCIS: Los Angeles co-star of 11 years, Renée Felice Smith), came on board, I knew we’d be in good hands, and I said yes right away. I’d never met Magnus before the shoot, but when I arrived on set, I was relieved to find that we hit it off, and our chemistry is visible on screen. After a flurry of underwater filming (and more eye drops than I can count), I believe we produced something truly unique and memorable. Plus, the music is catchy».

Written by: News Room