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LGBTQ Music Chart – Week 43 – 2023

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Another fantastic week with the LGBTQ Music Chart and our amazing readers have cast their votes to determine the ultimate playlist for Week 43 of the extraordinary year 2023.

Week 43 of the LGBTQ Music Chart of 2023 has been released, so let’s dive into the Top 50 songs that have received the most love and appreciation from listeners. This incredible playlist is an absolute must-have for this upcoming weekend, ensuring you have the perfect soundtrack to enjoy.

The Top 10 of LGBTQ Music Chart are revealed first exclusive on the LGBTQ Music Chart radio show on 107 Meridian FM on Saturdays at 5PM GMT // 18.00 CET // 19.00 EEST // 02.00 AM Sydney Sunday // 04.00 AM Auckland Sunday// 12.00 AM New York and Toronto – after the radio show you’ll find the full LGBTQ Music Chart here on

Number one this week is Calum Scott with the song «At Your Worst” and the song to watch goes to Benjamin – with the song «Persikan Perään» and secured the twentieth spot this week.

No Fan Favourite this week – listen to the show how to vote on your favourite song on this weeks chart.

Do you want to vote for Fan Favourite ? You need the password (only small letters) from the radio show – but here you go (if you don’t have it, then listen to the show next time).

This week’s throwback is Tyler Rayn with «How Will I Know?» – the song chosen for the week’s throwback is selected by radio host Tim Graham from all previous entries on the LGBTQ Music Chart.

The newcomer of the week are Adam S – with the new single «Let them eat cake » that got the #6 spot on the chart. Song of the Week are Osvaldo Supino with «It Takes a Fool To Remain Sane» #32 this week.

The individuals who have been recognized as the newcomers of the week are TommieTee and Treefiingers. Their latest single, titled «Illusion», has achieved the impressive feat of reaching the #6 position on the chart. Furthermore, the song that has been selected as the Song of the Week is «Gold», which has been created by Jason Justly and Paul McCormick. As of this week, it has secured the #32 spot on the chart.

Have you noticed our new voting system ? Now you can vote on your favourite songs once every hour  – so you don’t need to choose anymore!

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Showing top 50 of LGBTQ Music Chart for Week 43 2023

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud