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Jason Gould – «World Gone Crazy»

today24/02/2024 36

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Picture of Jason Gould with garden trees in the background. Jason has dark brown eyes and dark curly hair. 3 days unshaved.

Barbra Streisand's son, Jason Gould, has released a new single titled «World Gone Crazy»

Jason’s music is absolutely amazing! It connects with your body, mind, and soul in the most beautiful way. His lyrics are so personal and heartfelt, his rhythms are full of boundless energy, and the raw emotion he puts into his music truly touches the heart.

Jason embarked on an exciting new EP project in 2023, collaborating with the talented Allan Rich, Liz Vidal, Dorian Cheah, and Sébastien Izambard from Il Divo. Acting as a creative channel, he welcomed inspiration with open arms. «I’ve found joy in creating from a place of complete surrender», he muses. «Instead of forcing ideas, I allow them to flow through me. While I once struggled with self-doubt in composing music, I now embrace the journey wholeheartedly. I’ve given myself the gift of artistic freedom».

Marking a vibrant change from Jason’s earlier works, the EP kicks off with the lively lead single «Laws of Desire». Jason’s expressive vocals and smooth verses flow into a dancefloor-ready rhythm enhanced by his impressive high falsetto.

He fondly remembers how inspiration sparked from a deep, creative place within him. The title ‘Laws of Desire’ exudes a captivating allure, hinting at a profound connection between individuals even amidst relationship challenges. Their bond, though tested, remains unbreakable, filled with passion and intensity.

In the enchanting rhythm of the track «Run», a delightful guitar melody intertwines with a catchy beat, perfectly complementing Jason’s impressive vocal range.

Jason shares the story behind «Run», a song exploring themes of accountability, honesty, and chaos. He emphasizes the consequences of deceit and the notion of karma, expressing his journey towards self-preservation in a relationship lacking trust.

The EP culminates with the vibrant title track «Sacred Days», where Jason’s vocals soar above an infectious beat, reaching a powerful crescendo in the chorus. Reflecting on the experience, he describes it as surreal, with a beautiful organic essence that resonates deeply.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Jason Gould’s musical journey began with spinning records of classic hits like Dionne Warwick‘s «I Say a Little Prayer» and The Fifth Dimension’s «Up, Up and Away». Starting piano lessons at a young age, he found joy in creating his own melodies rather than simply following sheet music.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of «Sacred Days», set to release on 22nd March 2024.

Written by: News Room