Allen Miller’s «People Pretending to Be You»

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Allen Miller in Suspender trousers with no shirt an a white cowboy hat

This independent queer artist and storyteller brings a refreshing and unique sound to the singer-songwriter landscape.

Allen Miller’s «People Pretending to Be You»

Independent queer artist and storyteller Allen Miller has made a triumphant return to the singer-songwriter landscape with his latest single, «People Pretending to Be You». The song, which Miller wrote himself, is produced by John Caviness.

Straight out of a romantic comedy, «People Pretending to Be You» is a delightful and indulgent expression of finally finding the right person. In the chorus, Miller’s joy is palpable as he sings, «I always knew you were out there, baby, it was just a matter of time. Thank God I wasn’t distracted, baby, from all the shimmering lies, from people pretending to be you».

A Talented Writer and Storyteller

Allen Miller is, above all, a writer. His lyrics are sharp, clever, and thought-provoking, and they sit atop a diverse range of production styles, spanning from indie folk to big pop. Miller’s main focus is on telling compelling, authentic, and interesting stories through his music.

«For me, I am always thinking story first, production second. Whatever sound best serves the story is what it ends up being. I had been writing mostly acoustic, mellow breakup songs, and then this song just sort of hit me like a ton of bricks. I could see the whole vision, the artwork, the production. It was a real moment of revitalisation for me as an artist». — Allen Miller

He draws inspiration from a variety of artists, including Taylor Swift, boygenius, MUNA, The 1975, and Harry Styles. In a world filled with generic and predictable artists, listening to an Allen Miller song is like a breath of fresh air.

So, if you’re tired of the same old music and want something unique and refreshing, give Allen Miller’s «People Pretending to Be You» a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

Written by: Jungle Telegraph