Irish Artists Call for Eurovision Boycott in Support of Palestine

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Over 400 Irish artists have called for a boycott of Eurovision in support of Palestine.

Irish Artists Call for Eurovision Boycott in Support of Palestine

In a powerful letter addressed to Ireland’s Eurovision entrant, Bambie Thug, over 400 Irish artists have expressed their concerns regarding the singer’s participation in the contest according to Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign. While acknowledging Thug’s statement that «my heart has and always will be with the oppressed», the artists argue that by participating in Eurovision, Thug would be aligning themselves with the oppressor.

The call for a boycott of Eurovision comes in response to the Palestinian people’s plea for performers to refuse participation in the event. The artists urge Bambie Thug to stand «on the right side of history» and support the Palestinian cause by refraining from taking part in the contest.

This letter adds to the growing chorus of voices demanding the withdrawal of Ireland’s participation in Eurovision. More than 16,500 members of the Irish public have already petitioned RTE’s Director General, Kevin Bakhurst, expressing their protest against the European Broadcasting Union’s (EBU) failure to exclude Israel from the competition. These individuals argue that Israel’s actions in Gaza amount to genocide, and therefore, the country should not be allowed to participate in an international event like Eurovision.

Artwashing and Israel’s Propaganda Efforts

The artists’ letter highlights the significance of global events like Eurovision in Israel’s propaganda efforts. They argue that Israel uses such platforms to «artwash» its genocidal crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza. The conflict in Gaza has resulted in the deaths of at least 33,000 individuals, with over 13,500 of them being children.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog has even urged the country to alter its song lyrics in order to ensure a positive image on the Eurovision stage. This move, according to the artists, is a blatant attempt to whitewash Israel’s gross violations of international law.

Supporting Justice and Human Rights

The artists who have signed this letter firmly believe in the importance of standing up for justice and human rights. They argue that participating in Eurovision, while Israel continues its oppressive actions, would undermine the values of equality and freedom that the contest claims to uphold.

By boycotting Eurovision, Bambie Thug and other performers would send a powerful message to the world, demonstrating their solidarity with the Palestinian people and their commitment to justice. This act of protest aligns with the broader global movement advocating for the recognition of Palestinian rights and an end to the Israeli occupation.

The artists conclude their letter by urging Bambie Thug to reconsider their participation in Eurovision and to take a stand against oppression. They emphasise that history will judge those who choose to remain silent in the face of injustice.

As the debate surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues, it is clear that artists and individuals from various backgrounds are using their platforms to advocate for change. By calling for a Eurovision boycott, these Irish artists are joining a global movement that seeks to hold Israel accountable for its actions and support the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice.

Written by: Jungle Telegraph