JHVH’s Latest Single: «Can’t Make It to the Met Gala»

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JHVH, the boundary-pushing queer artist, is set to release his latest single, «Can't Make It to the Met Gala».

JHVH’s Latest Single: «Can’t Make It to the Met Gala»

JHVH, the boundary-pushing queer artist known for his audacious style and provocative lyrics, is set to release his latest single, «Can’t Make It to the Met Gala». This vibrant dance-pop anthem is dripping with irony, cheekiness, and top-tier delusional fantasy. Early previewers have dubbed it «the delulu anthem of the year».

A Playful Jab at High Society

In a world where celebrity status reigns supreme, JHVH takes a playful jab at the epitome of high society events, the Met Gala. The song’s lyrics are sassy and catchy, set against a backdrop of vogue house beats and piano stabs reminiscent of 90s dance. JHVH’s tongue-in-cheek narrative follows him as he navigates his busy schedule, turning down a personal invitation from none other than Anna Wintour herself.

A Spectacle of Fashion and Parody

The accompanying visual rollout for «Can’t Make It to the Met Gala» is a spectacle in itself. JHVH dons gender-bent fashion reminiscent of iconic Met Gala looks, all while parodying past celebrity appearances at the event. Short videos showcase JHVH’s irreverent take on the fashion world, blending satire with style in a way that only he can.

JHVH invites us to take part in a delusional fantasy with lines such as «I heard I would be at a table with Jared Leto and Ice Spice, and I feel really bad that they won’t get the chance to meet me!» His theatrical command of characterisation is atypical of the everyday pop artist. His vocals crescendo and swell, then retreat to whispery tut-tuts of nonchalance as he draws us into the story of being too unbothered to go to the Met Gala.

Lines such as «I told Armani I was busy, they’d be remiss not to have me» and «There’s no question I would slay, but I have too many scheduling conflicts and I just can’t squeeze it in that day» encapsulate the essence of JHVH’s refusal to conform to societal norms. Yet, he playfully teases, «But I’ll probably go someday», leaving the door open for future antics and adventures.

A Bold Statement on Celebrity and Exclusivity

«Can’t Make It to the Met Gala» not only serves as a testament to JHVH’s unapologetic approach to artistry but also as a bold statement on the nature of celebrity and exclusivity. Through witty lyrics and danceable beats, JHVH solidifies his place as an artist unbound by conventional expectations, inviting listeners to join in on the delusional fun.

Additionally, the song is primed to spark a viral trend on social media platforms. JHVH encourages fans to showcase their interpretations of Met Gala looks, fun costumes, and makeup using the song as a backdrop. This continuation of the long tradition of camp from within the queer community is sure to become an annual staple every May among house music and fashion fans alike.

JHVH aims to further engage his audience and foster creativity within the community by planning an open remix and open verse contest for inclusion on a forthcoming deluxe release featuring remixes. With «Can’t Make It to the Met Gala», JHVH invites listeners to join him on a journey of self-expression and defiance, reminding us all that sometimes, it’s okay to RSVP «no» to the party of the year.

Available to stream today, May 3rd, «Can’t Make It to the Met Gala» is JHVH’s third release with the invite-only distribution platform Vydia.

Seizing a name of biblical proportion, JHVH («Jehovah») is a triple-threat pop singer, songwriter, and producer based in New York City. His lyrics are inspired by betrayal, passion, and unrequited love, ranging from tongue-in-cheek to darkly intense. He has been trained by renowned vocal coach Debbie Beinhorn, known for her work with Billboard artists.

Written by: Jungle Telegraph