Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Icelandic Paralympic swimmer and LGBTQ musician, Már (23), has released new music

While it is far more difficult to locate LGBTQ elite sportsmen, as a member of the LGBTQ community who works in both the music and sports industries, Már find the creative sector to be significantly more open and accepting. This is due to the innumerable renowned LGBTQ musicians who have fought for their rights in the past.

Liverpool Eurovision : People was booing while Loreen got 12 points from the jury

The mood in the hall was what I call a mood of rebellion. People were angry and irritated, says Norwegian Sveinung Rotevatn to NTB.

Sweden won with a bittersweet taste because of jury votes, Finland won the people !

Must be a bittersweet taste for Sweden, when you only wins because of the jury votes.

Eurovision 2023: The Grand Final running order

Running order for today's, Saturday, May 13, 2023 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final. Are you ready

Eurovision 2023: The Second Semi-Final Qualifiers

We now have our final set of 10 qualifiers for Saturday night's Grand Final after the Second Semi-Final of the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest concluded at Liverpool Arena in the United Kingdom.

Eurovision 2023: We have our first 10 Grand Finalists!

We have our first 10 Qualifiers for the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final! Did you watch ? Did your favorite win ?

Fabian Raad – «Insatiable»

Fabian Raad, former lead singer and producer of the «Alphas» and nephew of the late Eurovision icon «Joy Fleming», is embarking on his solo project, which will release throughout 2023.

The Faroe Islands make history: Here is the winner of the Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2023

It will be Faroese Reiley who will represent Denmark at this year's Eurovision. The big favourite held all the way.

Skrellex are aiming to win Norway’s selection for Eurovision tonight !

Kai Thomas Larsen (36), with the drag artist name Skrellex, is from Moss and lives in Oslo.

Jack Hawitt Returns With Optimistic Track «Love Or A Lie»

Jack Hawitt is an LGBTQ+ Artist and Songwriter who explores meaningful relationships and topics in his music and songwriting.

Ukraine Winner of Eurovision

Tonight Europe and Australia voted and said their opinion who should win Eurovision 2022!

Eurovision hack plot launched by Russian cyber criminals determined to stop Ukraine from winning

Russian cyber criminals are plotting to sabotage tomorrow’s Eurovision Song Contest to stop red-hot favourites Ukraine from grabbing the glory.

Eurovision host and pop superstar Mika returns with brand new single «Yo Yo»

Global pop sensation Mika returns with new single entitled «Yo Yo».

Eurovision 2022: The Grand Final line-up is complete

After tonight's fantastic Second Semi-Final, we now have our list of 25 participants for the Saturday evening Grand Final.

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