Thursday, February 29, 2024

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London Pop Artist Rhian! and his song «Is This The World We Created?»

London-based pop artist Rhian! is delving into Queen’s catalogue for his next single, «Is This The World We Created?» The release comes just a few months after the artist's previous single, «Stay».

London Pop Artist Rhian! confidently channels his emotions into an exquisite pop-ballad titled «Stay»

London based pop artist Rhian! reveals his heartfelt side with the captivating track «Stay». After a series of catchy pop tunes, this marks the artist's exciting debut into the enchanting world of ballads.

Decadent parties and broken hearts in Kristian Kaspersen’s new single

Kristian Kaspersen has dropped his 4:th single from his upcoming album, «Love Like I’ve Never Been Hurt».

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