Decadent parties and broken hearts in Kristian Kaspersen’s new single

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Kristian Kaspersen

Kristian Kaspersen has dropped his 4:th single from his upcoming album, «Love Like I’ve Never Been Hurt».

The new single «Stay» serves us straight up Scandinavian pop with all the makings of a hit song. But also adds some depth with inspiration taken from the gay culture with it’s decadent partying as well as that moment when reality hits you once the sun starts to peek through the blinders at the after party.

With the previous release of his single «One Little Thing» in the spring 2020, Kristian Kaspersen generated a lot of international attention for his «direct appeal» and «decadent» music production. Now when he is back with yet another single release from the upcoming album «Love Like I’ve Never Been Hurt», no one will be disappointed. It is irresistible pop, sexy and soulful.

Literally, the song is about staying too long at the after-party, refusing to realise that it’s time to go home, morning has arrived and your heart is still broken. Trying to prevent the inevitable: putting on a new song, making more drinks, dancing and kissing a hot stranger. But that is also something that I think has a special resonance in gay culture. We have always combined the feeling of exclusion, sorrow and even death with celebration, decadence, that «we gotta keep going on»-feeling. It fascinates me, how we can live just as intensely when the pain is just a thought or simply a memory away, there is a sadness in that, but it’s also human and beautiful in a poetic sort of way, says Kristian to LGBTQ Music Chart.

The song was released on the 23:rd of September is written by the artist himself in collaboration with producers Fredrik Arvidsson and Emil «SoundFactory» Hellman. SoundFactory, who has had several number one songs on the Billboard dance chart, has also produced the three dance remixes on the single.

This week Kristian Kaspersen’s «Stay» are one of the challengers to the LGBTQ Music Chart, to help it to enter the chart, you need to vote on it here.

You can take a listen to «Stay» below.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud