Jane Sheldon releases new Christmas single

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Jane Sheldon - Photo by Tony Byrd

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Jane Sheldon has officially released a Christmas single and Teri Hatcher starring in the music video.

After stepping away from performing with Southern California band, American Bloomers (whose former member Jaime Wyatt has been making waves of late) to focus on raising her son, lifelong Angeleno Jane Sheldon returns to the songwriting fold with a Christmas tune that is both timely and timeless. «One for Mrs. Claus» is an ode to the oft-forgotten better half of the North Pole’s most famous family; a lighthearted yet powerful reminder that behind Mr. Claus is a woman making sure things get done correctly each holiday season. Santa might get all the mainstream praise, but this is a celebration of the matriarch who is long-overdue for recognition – «the CEO of the North Pole» as Sheldonputs it.

When the inspiration struck to write a Christmas song, Sheldon instantly knew what direction she would take the song. «What about Mrs. Claus? No one ever talks about her», she remarks, «We don’t even know her first name!»

«I wanted it to feel reminiscent of older songs but also feel contemporary and fresh», says Sheldon on the song’s production, «That’s one of the great things about Christmas songs; the good ones all have a timeless quality about them». She does indeed achieve that here, alongside producer, Michael Starr, with sleigh bells ringing the song in, building into a swinging groove with a danceable bassline, jangly guitars, and air-tight layers of doo-wop vocal harmonies.

Filmed in the photogenic Atwater Village watering hole The Griffin, the accompanying video stars Sheldon’s longtime friend Teri Hatcher as the song’s namesake cozying up to the neighbourhood bar after a hard day’s work. «Set up a double, Jack», Sheldon calls out to the bartender in each refrain, «This one’s for Mrs. Claus tonight».

The goodwill surrounding the production of the video was nothing short of inspirational for Sheldon, as her community came together to see the project through from securing a filming location to providing actors (and puppets!) all the way to the final cut. The behind-the-scenes work on the video is as exemplary of holiday cheer as the tune itself.

As a child growing up in Los Angeles she was no stranger to long car rides, where her father (a musician himself) exposed her to many different genres of music. «I grew up on those great songs of the 50s and 60s with the elaborate vocal harmonies and soaring choruses».

A dynamic performer and multi-instrumentalist, Sheldon moves seamlessly between guitar and piano, but it’s her songwriting that makes her stand out above the fold. Her music has been featured on hit shows such as The Big Bang Theory and The Real World. Sheldon is currently working on new music, expected soon on the heels of «One for Mrs. Claus».

Jane Sheldon // «One for Mrs. Claus»

Photo by Tony Byrd

Written by: News Room