I’m Sorry Tix

today18/05/2021 7

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In February, I wrote that a mediocre pop song won Melodi Grand Prix in Norway, performed by Tix. Now I have changed my opinion 180 degrees and here is reason why.

The reason I concluded that «Fallen Angel» mediocre pop song, I’ve seen the artist Tix in several different setting previously and he didn’t seem to take anything seriously including Eurovison. So I wasn’t impressed by the artist or the song.

Then someone told me about an interview Tix has just has done with NRK (the host broadcaster in Norway) a talkshow called Lindmo. The interview was now released with English subtitles.

After seeing, the heartfelt interview (you can watch it below) – I turned 180 degree. I could now see there was a real meaning behind the lyrics of «Fallen Angel». It was not just words Tix had put together. So now I’m turning 180 degrees and my option today are «Fallen Angel» is great pop tune with an important story.

So Tix, I’m sorry for calling your song mediocre pop song. Best of luck tonight in Semi-final 1 tonight at 08.00 PM (UK time) / 21:00 CET time.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud