Music discovery app adds new features to help artists connect with listeners

today23/06/2021 4

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Pefoma, the free-to-join social media app created exclusively for Independent musicians has announced a host of new features for both artists and audiences.

The new additions to the app will be available worldwide and are all designed to help unsigned acts tap in to new ways to share their music, and build a fan base.

Launched earlier this year, Pefoma enables artists to upload audio visual content and monetise live stream performances all through a single platform. It has made history as the only app available today that allows each artist to retain 100% of their earnings. With its newest latest update, Pefoma will launch three exciting new engagement and awareness features that aren’t available as standard through other global social media platforms.

First up, Pefoma users will have access to the platform’s instant messaging (IM) service to chat, network, and share their content with fans and other artists around the world. This tool will help artists to maximise their exposure and connect with new audiences around the world.

The platform’s live stream functionality has also been upgraded to now give artists a multi-camera option, available through the exclusive Artists on Pefoma web portal. This allows multiple camera angles to be used during live stream performances, giving both a greater aesthetic and more immersive experience for audiences missing live music events and in-person concerts.

Finally, Pefoma will now offer free live stream performances. While the option to monetise live streams remains, the addition of free live performances can help artists engage and build relationships with fans during this particularly difficult and challenging time.

Steven Arinze, Pefoma founder said, «With the rise of hybrid performances, and changes in how music fans consume content, it’s important that artists can take charge of all aspects of their work. We’ve worked hard to develop the platform, enhancing the great tools that are already there, and giving artists more functionality and more opportunities than ever before with these additions».

Pefoma was born when Arinze discovered that there was a notable lack of social media functionality for artists, and a poor selection of platforms dedicated to helping musicians connect with audiences looking to discover new sounds and new talent. With the live performance industry largely abandoned during the COVID-19 outbreak, music fans have had little option but to go online to enjoy musical entertainment and discover new artists.

Despite the numerous changes that have been introduced to the Pefoma platform, users will find that all the great features they’ve come to love remain exactly the same. Artists can still measure audience engagement through the comment feature and view counter, chat with fans, and provide exclusive content within the Pefoma platform.

Pefoma is available to download from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Written by: News Room