Sylve & Julia Alfrida releases the international Pride song «Legacy»

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Sylve & Julia Alfrida

«Legacy» premieres this weekend on Spotify and Apple Music and is about feeling proud about who we are and what we believe in, regardless of what other people think, and to pass that on to upcoming generations. The record labels behind the song is TGR Music Group and Sony Music [...]

When our neighbouring countries in the EU are implementing laws that forbid «the spreading of information regarding gender-identity anomalies, sex-change and further information that can be seen as promoting homosexuality amongst young people», our human rights and our democracy are both truly threatened. That is why the message in «Legacy» is both current and important, says SYLVE and Julia.

With this new worldwide song «Legacy», we want to inspire young LGBTQIA+ people and upcoming generations to be themselves, even if you don´t fit the norm. Hold your head high and ignore what other people think about you, says Sylve and Julia.

Usually people that define themselves within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum have at one point in their life felt the need to dull down or hide their identity, sexuality or expression. This song is about embracing everything that we are. Once you get the courage to show who you really are and open up to people, you will feel so much better, says Sylve and Julia.

The Swedish popstar, singer and songwriter Sylve streak of musical hits started last summer and just some week ago he released his autobiographical debut-EP, «Dö Lycklig». The Swedish popstar, singer and songwriter Julia Alfrida competed in the «Swedish Eurovision song contest» Melodifestivalen with the song «Rich» earlier this year and has released several singles, the latest being «Girls Girls Girls». Sylve and Julia Alfrida have performances booked for «Legacy» at venues such as Stockholm Pride on August 7th and West Pride in Gothenburg on October 2nd.

Sylve and Julia first met at the music club «First Time» in Stockholm, where they both performed live for an exclusive audience, fall 2020, and later on at a livestream arranged by Stockholm Pride that was held spring 2020. It was then and there that they decided to collaborate and to write a pride-song together.

«Legacy» is the first and only song we have written together, but not the last! We have really found each other, both as friends and colleagues. We are going to perform at Stockholm Pride and at West Pride in Gothenburg, and we are really looking forward to being able to meet our wonderful audience. We are hoping that this song will find its way outside the Swedish borders, so that the important message about LGBTQIA+ will reach more countries, especially to countries where human rights are at stake, says Sylve and Julia.

The Music Video «Legacy»

Last week we were filming a lavish and spectacular music video for «Legacy» at Högberga Gård set at Lidingö, just outside of Stockholm. We are hoping that a lot of LGBTQIA+ will identify themselves with this video that premieres 5 august. Several of our friends are participating in the video, which is meant to be showing love, joy and compassion, says Sylve and Julia Alfrida.

The music video has been made possible with the support and sponsorship of the main sponsor True Colours Cava and the sponsors; Högberga Gård (Luxury Hotel & Conference), Linda Hallberg Cosmetics, Högberga, Flygbussarna, Flying Tiger, Volkswagen, Zaek Studio, Supreme Events, Heyparty, Swedish Wolf Nails and Yearwood PR & Productions Ltd. The music video will be released during Stockholm Pride on August 5th and is distributed by the record company TGR Music Group.

Photo by Maria Östlin

Written by: News Room