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New Gay Music «Outed On Friday!» – Week 32 – 2022

It’s the end of a work week and that means, new music are released – so here is this week’s «Outed On Friday!».

Cassie Marin Shares New Single «Gemini»

Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Marin presents her new single, «Gemini». Alongside the release of the new single, Cassie is also announcing her much-anticipated album, «Lil 5i5», that will be out on August 12th.

Takes You To «Raven Rehab» – And Don’t Say No No No!

Om Yoa is a German independent gay artist, focusing on songwriting. He has been studying his art by self studies as well as bootcamps and trainings by the Songwriting Academy, London, and Scream Factory, Frankfurt, where he also works with a vocal coach to get his vocals in shape.

Osvaldo Supino Is Back: «Don’t Hold Back» Is The Overwhelming New Single

Gay MusicOsvaldo Supino Is Back: «Don't Hold Back» Is The Overwhelming New Single

Dance rhythms, LGBTQ rights and sensuality for the most awarded independent Italian artist in the world.

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«Don’t Hold Back» is Osvaldo Supino’s overwhelming new single is out. The track follows the success of the previous single «Lights Down Low», which took the artist to the top of the global LGBT charts last June.

Co-written and co-produced by Osvaldo together with Ili and Riley Smith, «Don’t Hold Back» is an irresistible pop bombshell that hypnotises from the first listening. A perfect combination of grit, eccentricity, and sensuality, reminiscent of hits like «Get Sexy», with which the artist made his debut on the record market 10 years ago. In recent years he has become one of the most awarded and recognised independents abroad.

«There is a desire for lightness, to let go for three minutes and enjoy the moment without thinking about bills, problems and all the chaos that surrounds us», says Osvaldo to LGBTQ Music Chart. «I feel the need to share positive emotions with my audience, especially in this complicated historical, dark time».

«Don’t Hold Back» is part of the new project of Osvaldo that started in June with «Lights Down Low», and the Spanish version «Perder el control» that foresees the release of different singles before the release of the new album: «everything goes very fast in music and I want to bring my audience to feel more, to live each song deeply, exactly as I do when I write them. Even though they were released at different times, they are all connected songs in terms of sound and theme. There is really a creative bond between them that makes them part of one project».

The launch of «Don’t Hold Back» coincidentally falls at a time when the Italian Senate has rejected the Italian DDL Zan (law against homophobia), an issue that Osvaldo has felt very strongly about for years, being one of the most involved in terms of LGBTQ rights and a songwriter chosen by Spotify Italy for the «Claim your Space» campaign: «I feel humiliated, angry, disappointed by my country that I love so much. Every day I read stories of people discriminated against because of their sexuality and it is unacceptable. We have to make the change, it is necessary, it is fundamental to grow».

Following the release of «Don’t Hold Back» there will be a video clip coming out in the next few weeks and a long promotion with which the artist will start again, albeit virtually, to tour the world with his music.

To date, Osvaldo Supino is the most recognised and awarded independent Italian artist abroad, an absolute reference for international dance pop produced in Italy. He holds the record as the only Italian nominated three times at the BT Digital Music Awards, Unicef Award, Mei Award, 2 Nickelip awards, 2 LAIFFA Awards, Renaissance Awards, he represented Italy at Global Pride along with Mel B, Rita Ora and Elton John, among the only 4 Italians along with Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Il Volo reviewed by CNN, and he was the first Italian male artist interviewed by Univision in the US.

Osvaldo is back with «Don’t Hold Back» and this time too he will not leave anyone indifferent.

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