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Osvaldo Supino – «It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane»

Osvaldo Supino has returned. Without warning, yet with a big catch. In these hours, the most popular and acclaimed independent Italian musician in the world has launched a new single and video.

Osvaldo Supino – «Drip Drop»

The most acclaimed and well-known independent Italian artist releases a new single and music video called «Drip Drop» following the huge success of his European Tour.

Osvaldo Supino’s new video is Out, and it’s a dive in Your Heart

«Stuck on This Feeling» is the new single and video clip by Osvaldo Supino. The track, written and produced by Osvaldo together with Sam Ray, is a romantic electropop ballad that moves and captivates from the first listen.

Osvaldo Supino Is Back With New Single «Gold»

The beautiful new single and video by Osvaldo Supino is an LGBTQ+ anthem «Beyond any flag colour, beyond any kind we are equal in our frailties and we are golden».

Osvaldo Supino Is Back: «Body Burning»

«Body Burning» is the new overwhelming single of Osvaldo Supino.

Osvaldo Supino Is Back: «Don’t Hold Back» Is The Overwhelming New Single

Dance rhythms, LGBTQ rights and sensuality for the most awarded independent Italian artist in the world.

«Lights Down Low» The Return Of Osvaldo Supino

The new single from Italy's most awarded independent singer-songwriter abroad: dance music, awareness and gay rights.

Osvaldo Supino – «Cold Again»

The Italian singer's exciting project against stigma about mental health and depression «All The Times I Felt Too Alone».

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