Osvaldo Supino’s new video is Out, and it’s a dive in Your Heart

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Osvaldo Supino

«Stuck on This Feeling» is the new single and video clip by Osvaldo Supino. The track, written and produced by Osvaldo together with Sam Ray, is a romantic electropop ballad that moves and captivates from the first listen.

The song tells of the indecision of letting go of a romance and the fear of making ourself completely vulnerable to the other: «I sing about the great difficulty that so many have in believing in a relationship today» – says Osvaldo – «In a hyper-connected world, which makes us increasingly seemingly independent even in our feelings, how complicated is it to surrender in another person by leaving our comfort zone?»

A song kept in the drawer for three years, waiting for the right moment as the artist began to make her new project known through the hit singles «Lights Down Low», «Body Burning», «Don’t Hold Back», «Gold» and a successful European tour that ended in Stockholm. “Stuck in This Feeling» in fact, is not a single left to chance but a real piece of the new record that Osvaldo has decided to make known quietly, track by track: «The attempt is to dilate the minutes, the seconds, giving value to the emotions, the expectations and the songs». A fil-rouge created by stories, fashion and details taken care of in every aspect. In fact, it is no coincidence that each cover features a number that represents the exact tracklist of the album.

The video clip directed by Riccardo Albiero tells all the emotional states of the song and photographs the most absolute elegance and Italian excellence, through the unique sceneries of Venice and the refined looks. «Working with Osvaldo was an honor for me» – says Albiero «He has this great talent of being able to connect with people and convey all his essence».

«For the first time» – says Osvaldo «I didn’t want to show the skyline of NewYork or MIami, but to tell an all-Italian fairy tale in the city of my country that I love and makes me dream the most. This song is a fairy tale and I could only represent it in Venice».

«Space» is also given to international news with «Atrapado», the Spanish version coming out on Friday February 17th, with which the artist will return to take his music around the world, especially to that Latin America that has been rewarding and recognising him for years as one of the new talents to focus on.

To date Osvaldo Supino is the most awarded and recognised independent Italian artist abroad, holds the record as the only Italian nominated 3 times at the BT Digital Awards in Uk, 2 Nickelclip Awards, only Italian winner of 2 LAIFFA Awards in Los Angeles, 1 Renaissance Award, Unicef Award, Mei Revelation Artist Award, 1 Non Violent Film Festival Award, 1 Revelation Artist Award at the Hispanic Celebrities Awards in Miami, 1 Chicago Awards. He has received recognition as «Pugliese Excellence in the World» by the Region of Puglia and the Ministry of International Affairs and is among only four Italians along with Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Il Volo to have been interviewed by CNN.

Osvaldo returned with «Stuck On This Feeling» to make us dream again. And he has succeeded.

Written by: News Room