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Osvaldo Supino – «Drip Drop»

today20/07/2023 19

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Osvaldo Supino

The most acclaimed and well-known independent Italian artist releases a new single and music video called «Drip Drop» following the huge success of his European Tour.


The newest music video and single by Osvaldo Supino is named «Drip Drop». A mesmerising pop dance song in the artist’s signature style with sincere and upsetting lyrics. In «Drip Drop», the artist criticises society’s disregard for the political and social emergency that is climate change.

A series of settings, people, and current events that are meant to awaken viewers’ consciences «We are all aware of environmental catastrophes, yet the majority of us remain static and appear as if making a change is no longer an option. We are distracted by bogus news, we become depressed when watching the news». Osvaldo declares, I disagree. «Dedication and empathy are the key components for our future».

The musician has chosen to use his songs to address a very important subject since «music is one thing», having just returned from a fantastic performance at the Pride in Madrid and serving as an ambassador for the anti-bullying initiative «Pledge Anti Bullying» in the United States. Songs need to communicate something real and constructive since it is the only means we have to connect with the most private and hidden aspect of people—their emotions.

Giorgia Meloni and other prominent international figures who are openly opposed to LGBTQ rights are shown in the video clip before Cloe, an Italian transgender teacher who committed suicide by setting herself on fire, is shown. «What happened to Cloe and what happens to so many people every day in our country is unacceptable, and it is our responsibility that this does not happen to anyone again», Meloni is heard saying. We deserve respect, safety, and the chance to live happy lives because we are human.

With Laura, Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti, and Tiziano Ferro, Osvaldo Supino is one of the most celebrated and well-known independent Italian musicians today. He is also the only artist to have received three nominations for BT Digital Music Awards, and he is one of only four Italian musicians to have been interviewed by CNN. Two Laiffa Awards, one Unicef Award, one Mei Revelation Artist Award, two Nickelclip Awards, one Chicago Award, and one Renaissance Award were among the numerous accolades earned.

With «Drip Drop», Osvaldo Supino is back and showcasing his incredible storytelling and communication skills. You must see.

Written by: News Room