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Osvaldo Supino – «It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane»

today06/09/2023 11

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Osvaldo Supino

Osvaldo Supino has returned. Without warning, yet with a big catch. In these hours, the most popular and acclaimed independent Italian musician in the world has launched a new single and video.

The song «Takes a Fool to Remain Sane» is a cover of «The Ark», which was a hit in half of Europe exactly twenty years ago. Rock becomes electro pop in the version remixed by Osvaldo Supino, creating a new and completely unprecedented version.

A comeback that warms the hearts of fans and many others, following a few weeks in which the singer was at the centre of the news due to a sudden and concerning hospitalisation in a Milan clinic that lasted more than two weeks.

And, while Osvaldo Supino isn’t ready to talk about it or do interviews about it just yet, he communicates his pain with all of himself in this new track.

«It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane», without a doubt, is the answer to all the rumours circulating in various magazines, and it comes free, direct, and without fear of judgement, totally fitting the multi-awarded artist’s style.

As is the film clip, shot at 4 a.m. in Milan, Italy, in which the artist covers nothing, not even the clinic bracelet, which is worn almost like a medal, a war scar, to be proud of and to offer strength to begin again.

The musician has returned after a successful European tour and the promotion of his hit «Drip Drop» in Europe.

After the required vacation, Osvaldo returns to his world, making himself heard through his music and in the way that only he knows how. Without claims or arguments, but with the power of a song that penetrates straight to the listener’s heart while displaying disarming sincerity.

Osvaldo Supino, a defender of LGBTQ rights and the face of the anti-bullying campaign, is now one of the most awarded and recognised independent Italian artists abroad, the only one with three nominations at the BT Digital Music Awards and one of only four Italian artists interviewed by CNN, alongside Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti, and Tiziano Ferro. Among the numerous honours earned were two Laiffa Awards, one Unicef Award, one Mei Artista Revelation Award, two Nickelclip Awards, one Chicago Award, one Renaissance Award, and the coveted distinction by the Puglia Region as «Pride of Puglia in the World».

With «It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane», Osvaldo Supino proves once again his talent, but more importantly, that sometimes being vulnerable is a sign of great strength and an inspiration to others.

Written by: News Room