Darkbird Release New Indie-Pop Single «3-2-Wake Up»

today23/02/2022 12

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Indie Rock band Darkbird led by vocalist Kelly Barnes has released their new single «3-2-Wake Up».

Produced by Austin’s own Walker Lukens, the single is the follow up to their popular indie-pop track «Heartbeat». Darkbird will be performing as an Official Showcase Artist at SXSW 2022 and recently announced supporting shows with The Pack A.D in April.

«A while back I decided to try hypnotherapy after stumbling into a conversation about it with a friend. I went in with no real expectation outside of a new experience. Maybe I’d have a bit of self discovery if I was open to it, and lucky. 3-2-Wake Up is about what I saw during this experiment which was basically two contrasting versions of myself that I could watch from the outside, as I looked in. Lyrically, one version is admiring the other, seeing the possibilities realised. In turn the admired version is attempting to empower and uplift the other. I’m no Whitney but I guess it’s really just my Greatest Love of All. Self love is not easy.. In my ‘hypnotised’ state, I was able to watch how hard it can be for me and it was pretty damn powerful», Kelly Barnes explains about the single.

Lyrics to the first song Kelly and Brian would ever write together set the stage for the romantic waterloo that would become Darkbird. Kelly Barnes left Los Angeles after a broken marriage resulted in a broken band. Just prior to the move, she unexpectedly hit international success, as the vocalist on the massive hit «Get Shaky» with the late DJ Ian Carey. While the track and a few others were financially significant to the ex-wife and waitress, Kelly was ready to explore another path that was more personally expressive.

After a tragic house fire in NYC, Brian Cole opted for a fresh start. As his belongings smouldered in the winter snow, he decided to pack up what was left and head south in search of warmer days and better luck. Ironically, while most go to LA or NYC to make their dreams come true, Brian and Kelly found each other on the musician page on Craigslist in Austin, TX.  While they had hoped to leave their pasts behind, inevitably, the heartbreaks found a place they call home in Darkbird.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud