Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Billy Mick Kicks Off The New Year With A New Release, «The Greatest Discovery»

Central Florida gay singer/songwriter has found what he was searching for in his latest rock track.

Dawson Fuss Inspires Confidence With New Single «Upper Hand»

18-year-old indie-pop singer-songwriter Dawson Fuss has released his newest single, «Upper Hand».

Kitty Coen’s «Bad Bad Liar»

Nashville based singer/songwriter, Kitty Coen stepped into the live music scene at the start of 2020 in Austin TX with psychedelic rock.

Darkbird Release New Indie-Pop Single «3-2-Wake Up»

Indie Rock band Darkbird led by vocalist Kelly Barnes has released their new single «3-2-Wake Up».

Leon Waldo’s Third Album «Queerwave»

Genre-bending artist Leon Waldo has released his third album «Queerwave»,

Italy saves us from boring Eurovision Song Contest 2021 winner

Italian EBU Member RAI has won the 65th Eurovision Song Contest with the song «Zitti e buoni» performed by Måneskin. It's the 3rd win for Italy who last triumphed in 1990.

New Song by Gay Country Music Icon Cameron Hawthorn

Cameron Hawthorn went viral with his release «Dancing in the Living Room» in which he came out publicly in the video to his own heartfelt country love song.

Justin Utley – «American Nightmare»

OUTMusic Award winning singer/songwriter Justin Utley unleashes his inner Nine Inch Nails in «American Nightmare».

Cameron Hawthorn – «Dancing In The Living Room»

«Dancing In The Living Room» narrates the feeling of dancing with a loved one in the most intimate of places. Featuring organic instrumentation and passionate heartfelt vocals that glide gently atop the soft sweeping melodies, the single is a wholehearted love song.

Yuzima and his new single «Black Supremacy»

No Alt-right punks allowed in Yuzima's new visual wonderland «Black Supremacy».

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