Dawson Fuss Inspires Confidence With New Single «Upper Hand»

today23/07/2022 2

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Dawson Fuss

18-year-old indie-pop singer-songwriter Dawson Fuss has released his newest single, «Upper Hand».

With bright vocals and powerful, catchy guitar riffs, the track is a rock-tinged anthem for staying above petty disagreements.

«Upper Hand» builds upon themes of reflection and growth found in Dawson’s previously-released singles. Dawson wrote the track in a period of healing from a painful breakup in an effort to move on. «I find that both listening to and writing music transforms the way I feel, almost magically», he reflects. «Writing ‘Upper Hand’ was my opportunity to reclaim a relationship that made me feel pretty awful». With dynamic guitar, drums, and vocals, the single is a confident narrative of being the bigger person in the face of others’ drama. Lyrics like «I don’t need any provoked validation» convey a sense of assertiveness and have audiences singing and dancing along.

For Dawson Fuss, born and raised in Santa Barbara, creating music has always been about sharing his story. He’s committed to being authentic and vulnerable through his lyrics, and credits the narrative of each of his songs to his personal experiences. «Singing makes me feel liberated», he explains. «Any kind of negative feelings I have beforehand immediately vanish. It’s crazy». Inspired by artists like Rex Orange County and Conan Gray, Dawson’s music is upbeat, with lyrics that tell each story with raw sincerity. He first gained recognition for his music when he competed in the singing competition «Teen Star Santa Barbara», where American Idol’s Randy Jackson praised Dawson’s performance of his first original song and declared that «a star is born». Dawson will continue his musical pursuit at the innovative Frost School of Music at the University of Miami this Fall, studying under a multitude of world-class musicians and songwriters.

Dawson Fuss’s music seamlessly blends the upbeat tempo of rhythmic instrumentals with his signature strong and out-front vocals and honest lyrics. His new single «Upper Hand» is an authentic reflection of his journey of moving on and reclaiming his power by staying out of petty arguments and histrionics.

Written by: News Room