PureGrand to release confessional millennium pop inspired album «False Starts»

today15/03/2022 3

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In the blitz of a quarter life crisis, newly graduated, swimming in a sea of job rejections, begrudging internships and stuck in his childhood bedroom, PureGrand (musician, photographer and filmmaker Luke Faulkner) decided to lean into the past to make sense of the present with his debut album «False Starts».

Luke Faulkner turned to sounds of early childhood for comfort, that of turn of millennium pop music, reflecting how nostalgia increasingly feeds into our popular culture as comfort in unstable times.

Through that, he created a sonic palette and visual world in which to explore the feelings that plague a generation stuck in between and mourning the adulthood we assumed were promised.

PureGrand wants to show how pop music can be used as a vehicle for self expression while not sacrificing the characteristics that make it so appealing and popular. He playfully mingles social commentary with satire while still getting to play dress up.

The album was produced and recorded by Luke at home over a two year period. The album is an audio visual project with each of its singles being accompanied by photography and visuals he created.

PureGrand is what happens when you let an over opinionated pop fan near a mixing desk. Consisting of Dublin native Luke Faulkner, PureGrand takes vintage sounds and aesthetics and merges them with contemporary themes and lyrics. A photographer and filmmaker by trade, Luke produces all of his music and most of his visuals himself.

The debut album «False Starts» will be released on March 25th, 2022!

Below you can listen to previously released music, while you’re waiting for the album to drop.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud