Sunday, December 10, 2023

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PureGrand to release confessional millennium pop inspired album «False Starts»

In the blitz of a quarter life crisis, newly graduated, swimming in a sea of job rejections, begrudging internships and stuck in his childhood bedroom, PureGrand (musician, photographer and filmmaker Luke Faulkner) decided to lean into the past to make sense of the present with his debut album «False Starts».

PureGrand Released Earnest 90’s Love Song With a Modern Twist, «Pictures»

Dublin indie-pop artist PureGrand is set to release a new single, «Pictures». The song is the third single from his upcoming EP that will be released at the end of this year.

Robert O’Connor recruits Steps’ producer for «Too Late» Remixes

Fresh from the release of his new single «Too Late», Irish artist Robert O’Connor has teamed up with fresh talent for a remix bundle of the track, released this Friday, March 12.

Kevin Casey – «Shout it out»

«Shout it out» is the latest instalment by Dubliner Kevin Casey. It's an upbeat song about Freedom & Equality built around a simple but catchy guitar hook, reminiscent of 90's Brit Pop, it's a relatable sentiment carried on a wall of sound.

Hometime gives us «The Sound Of Heartbreak»

Hometime – Tony Kavanagh, Dublin, Ireland – is a versatile pop artist.

Robert O’Connor x Skynem GT – «Over (Before It’s Begun)»

Robert O’Connor has announced the release of his new single, «Over (Before It’s Begun)», set to drop on July 31.

Robert O’Connor x Skynem GT announce «Older ‘20» single

Irish singer/songwriter Robert O’Connor has announced the release of his new single «Older ‘20» on February 21.

Robert O’Connor – «River»

Dublin singer/songwriter Robert O’Connor has released a new music video in time for the holidays, dedicated to «the less fortunate at Christmas».

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