New Gay Music «Outed On Friday!» – Week 12 – 2022

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Outed On Friday!

It’s the end of a work week and that means, new music are released – so here is this week’s «Outed On Friday!».

5 new songs are ready to challenge the 50 songs on the LGBTQ Music Chart from Monday. For the challengers for next week chart. You can vote on these songs from Monday – here is the voting page.

I will remind every LGBTQ artist to always submit their new released here (only for submitting music), if they want their song to challenge the LGBTQ Music Chart.

JLX – «The Music Will Take Care of You»

JLX’s musical style was born from 1970’s disco, 80’s synth, Hi-NRG and retro infused pop. Influences include Giorgio Moroder, Nile Rogers, Pet Shop Boys, Sylvester, Erasure and Stock Aitken & Waterman. «The Music Will Take Care of You»The song is a homage to Disco – Donna Summer, Sylvester, Studio 54 and everything in- between. «The Music Will Take Care of You» is a song about positivity; it’s a song about finding motivation, strength and inspiration in music.

Niser – «No Matter What Do You Think»

Niser is an Electro project created by Stéphane. He does not exist physically, his physique is created virtually to create the universe, atmosphere …

Brett Axell – «Only Want You»

Healing music. Blessed with the gift of music, Brett Axell can sing anything. Exploring genre-bending styles Brett Axell delivers a refreshing openness, engaging in a bold, honest journey in Love, Hate, Hope and Forgiveness.

Electrosexual – «(How To) Change Your Mind»

Electrosexual (they/them) is the creation of Romain Frequency — the french, Berlin-based music producer and DJ — as well as a vehicle for them to explore gender, art, technology, and alternative sexualities through auditory signals. Rooted in queer politics and aesthetics, their music «is about emotional connections, not stylistic categorisations».

Genny Random – «Diva»

Genny Random, a rather bizarre and eclectic character, has to his credit a record production that over time has faced different styles and musical genres.

This playlist are updated every Friday with new music – so it might not reflect the artists mention above. Like it, so you don’t miss out on brand new music! Only songs that is released on YouTube and Spotify can be added to the LGBTQ Music Chart.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud