Jessye DeSilva Sweetly Reminds Those Struggling It’s OK to «Hibernate» Sometimes

today29/03/2022 4

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Jessye DeSilva

On the second single for their upcoming album, «Landscapes», Jessye DeSilva seamlessly blends lush, folksy production and gentle lyrics to remind their partner the healing process isn’t always a straight line.

Americana/folk-rock singer-songwriter Jessye DeSilva lays out pure, powerful poetry on their latest single, «Hibernate», out now.

This is the follow-up to the just-as-emotional «Siren Song», and both will appear on their impending album, «Landscapes», which will premiere in April. Soaked in a coat of warmth, this track implements the use of soothing instrumentals — simple but sweet keys, smooth drumming, and guitars echoing with tenderness — and DeSilva’s impassioned vocals to let their struggling partner know he doesn’t have to put on a mask and act like he’s OK if he’s not. Though this song was written as an ode to someone in particular, it’ll undoubtedly resonate with and comfort anyone grappling with their mental health. Listeners can find resemblances to Carole King, Sara Bareilles, and Hozier.

This track was written in November near the conclusion of Daylight Savings, when darkness comes sooner and light dies out faster in the day. DeSilva wanted this track to drop at the beginning of spring, when the light begins to stay out longer again, so listeners could hopefully channel the splendor of the sun and find the courage to lift themselves out of hibernation. Whether or not that’s possible is OK. DeSilva is here regardless to remind you that whatever you need to do to take care of yourself should always be pursued. This track was written in collaboration with producer Matt Malikowski. A music video will be out close to the track’s release date.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud