LA-based Pop Artist, John Conlin Releases New Single, «Hopeful Romantic»

today04/06/2022 28

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John Conlin

LA-based electro-pop singer and songwriter John Conlin, is releasing his single «Hopeful Romantic».

It is an upbeat powerhouse song with a strong, four-on-the-floor drum presence and a chorus with a monster hook. Coinciding with the vivacious sound of the track, the lyrics take an optimistic approach, even though they’re illustrating heartbreak.

John Conlin, a self-proclaimed «Hopeful Romantic», sings about the trials of unrequited love and the toll it has taken on him in this appropriately named single. Throughout the entirety of the single, he remains welcoming towards love in spite of the potential tribulations, noting his unchanged attitude as the song comes to a close, «Oh life ain’t always how you planned it. Sometimes it’s tragic. Despite it all, I still believe in love».

John Conlin on the meaning behind his single, «Hopeful Romantic»- «I’ve learned that love isn’t a thing, a person, or a place. It’s a feeling of determination that screams in the back of your mind, ‘failure is not an option.’ There’s a reason we try to chase it. There’s a reason that we take our armour off, no matter how many times we get hurt and heartbroken. Love is that door, that goal, that always seems out of reach, but the idea of maybe one day reaching the handle is all we need to keep persevering. In the simplest terms, love is life: it doesn’t always go how you planned it and at times, it can be quite tragic. But despite it all, all the failed dates and mistakes, I chose to still believe in love».

Similar to Conlin’s previous release, «It Doesn’t Matter», «Hopeful Romantic» takes on a maximalist approach to pop music reminiscent of the early 2010s. He credits Katy Perry’s «Teenage Dream» as his main inspiration for the single, noting that it also features sounds inspired by his favourite artists – Robyn, Owl City, and Troye Sivan.

From the first note, it is impossible to not be transported back a decade as «Hopeful Romantic» opens with lush strings and pulsating synths. They carefully guide the listener into the chorus where they’re met with a massive wave of energy and catchy lyrics.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud