Jack Tracy Launches «Gold» Era With Funk Track «None Tonight»

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Benjy Bradshaw

After a string of single releases, Jack Tracy is prepared to launch his third album «Gold» headlined by first single «None Tonight» ,

«None Tonight» begins streaming on all platforms on July 29, 2022.

The funk track harkens back to a classic Prince sound with hints of the Jacksons, in which Jack tells a resurfaced «Ghost» that he’ll get «None Tonight» because there are «plenty of other guys». The single’s release is accompanied by its music video, during which Jack dodges texts from his resurfaced love while traveling from his apartment to his residency at The Stonewall Inn. The video will be posted publicly on YouTube.

The song and video were made available earlier this month to subscribers of Jack’s OnlyFans account.

«’None Tonight’ is my favourite track on the new album«, Jack reveals. «The lyrics have a good deal of snark in them, which shows off my personality pretty well, and the music has a very classic feel to it–timeless. The song also has a full arc, both in terms of the narrative and the music itself». About the song’s message, Jack says «it’s about moving on–not going back to the well. Sure, you could give someone who gave you the cold shoulder a second chance, but honestly there are plenty of fish in the sea. Seek new adventures. Only travel forward» .

The video was filmed in a single day across New York City with Jack’s frequent collaborator Joseph Patrick Conroy of Amerikana Media, culminating in a final scene at the landmark Stonewall Inn where Jack has his monthly music showcase FAM. In June, the Pride month edition of FAM raised $1,700 for an abortion rights charity with Jack co-headling alongside RuPaul’s Drag Race’s own Brita Filter. Jack has been performing None Tonight regularly at his shows leading up to the launch of the Gold era. «This is one of the songs where I see the audience really lean in to what I’m singing, so that’s why I chose this track as the single».

Jack Tracy is the founder and owner of «Necessary Outlet«, a production company that has produced several LGBTQ works including the weekly dating and sex podcast Dying Alone, Together with co-host JJ Bozeman; feature film, Snowflake; the audio drama, Community; three critically acclaimed seasons of the web series History; and comedies Big Law and Millennial Memoir. Snowflake and all three seasons of History are now streaming on Dekkoo. Jack also produces and headlines numerous monthly music residencies throughout New York City including at The Stonewall Inn, Icon Bar and Starr Bar.

Jack Tracy previously released two studio albums «Older and For You» as well as the EPs «Love Yah» and two cover EPs titled «Intermission», Volumes One and Two. Following his last EP, Jack released a string of singles and music videos in support of his OnlyFans launch, including «Daddy Made It», «Overdrive», «It’s Time» and «Close».

Jack’s Tracy’s new single «None Tonight» is being distributed independently and will be available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, YouTube and all other major platforms on July 29, 2022. An accompanying music video will be released on YouTube the same day. The song’s parent album, «Gold», will be released in September 2022 following second single «Tired of Being Lonely» in August.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud