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Stockholm Pride 2022 pride anthem are called «Dancing on a rainbow»

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Ephram St. Cloud
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The song chosen to celebrate the return is «Dancing on a rainbow», performed by Johan Huumonen and written by Ole Ornered.

«It’s always fun to see the great commitment in the form of song suggestions that come to us. There were plenty of interesting entries this year, but we feel we found the right choice with Johan Huumonen and look forward to hearing the song many times during Stockholm Pride», says Fredrik Saweståhl, chairman of Stockholm Pride.

Ole Ornered is a songwriter/lyricist who has been active since the mid-80s. He is a former punk who, among other things, shared a rehearsal space with Ebba Grön. The first major gig was when the own trio LINJE 19 was matched against the group Force (now better known as Europe) in the first edition of Rock-SM in 1980, when Force emerged victorious from that battle.

The revenge will hopefully come with this year’s Pride song and I hope that the members of Europe will involuntarily whistle the melody when they are in the shower, says Ole Ornered, half jokingly, half seriously.

Johan Huumonen grew up in southern Stockholm and understood early on that singing, dancing and acting would become a central part of his life. Already at the age of seven, Johan’s journey started when he got a child’s role at the Royal Opera. In recent years, Johan has been on the biggest show stages around the Nordics. He has entertained with everything from singing and dancing to acting and can also boast of numerous audience hits behind him.

– As a child, I was told that it could be dangerous to stand out but I wanted to be myself, of course there were some swear words but I have stood strong in my belief that everyone should be allowed to be their best self and that is exactly what” «Dancing on a rainbow» is about that for me, says Johan Huumonen.

Johan Huumonen believes that it is being different that makes you unique and strong.

– In the rainbow we have the basic colours but the whole fantastic movement has come so far and is so much more than different compartments, we are all a unique mix of colours. Confess your colour, fall in love with it and let no one influence you negatively, concludes Johan Huumonen.

The producer for «Dancing on a rainbow» is Ingemar Åberg, who has a long track record in terms of national and international collaborations and he is the creator of a large number of projects ranging from commercial pop to classical and film music, among the productions he has been involved in are other Carola’s song «När löven faller».

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