Three At Home Asserts The Value Of Self-Worth In Empowering Anthem «Athena»

today21/08/2022 7

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Three At Home

«Athena» is an energetic folk-rock track encouraging listeners to be resilient and true to themselves through epic verses relating to some of the most prominent female figures and goddesses throughout history and mythology.

Dann Russo and Mary Casiello of folk-rock duo Three At Home deliver their contagiously energetic single and second release of the summer. «Athena» is the bombastic follow up to «Magnificat», their recent June release that took a refreshing approach to examining women’s rights through the lens of the Virgin Mary. Where Casiello’s voice glows on «Magnificat», Russo follows closely on «Athena», lending his husky, gritty tone to invigorate the track and inspire listeners to embrace the same passion and enthusiasm of self-actualisation on every line. Russo found himself fascinated for years by Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology, and explored with «Athena» how his interest intersects with real life aspects of modern Christianity in the context of self-worth and having the power to shape one’s own destiny. As the lead writer of «Athena», Russo incorporated verses inspired by Athena, St. Brigid, and Lillith, with special regard to Lillith in reference to her symbolisation for women as a person who stood up for her worth and took control of her future. Listeners can expect to hear influence from artists like Bruce Springsteen, Frank Turner, and Richie Havens on «Athena».

Upon his visit to The Parthenon in Nashville, TN, Russo found himself stricken with inspiration. He left the experience with the line «Oh, Athena, I have a headache» marinating in his head for months following the visit; the lyric found a spot for itself at the top of «Athena», introducing the track as the first words sung to listeners. The rest of the lyrics came to life in a moment of haste on the way to a writer’s round to perform the unfinished song, in which Russo successfully crafted the second and third verses, and the ending all in the car on the way to the performance. Despite never having properly heard the final version prior to the show, Russo delivered a thoughtfully written anthem that serves as a testament to his raw songwriting and performance abilities, demonstrating that Three At Home is a force to be reckoned with. All-encompassing acoustic guitar caresses Russo’s unshakable vocal delivery while Casiello’s tight harmonies embellish his most passionate lines. The two voices come together with their signature crisp, sparkling ring that all Three At Home fans have already fallen in love with. For Three At Home, they hope «Athena» inspires listeners to feel empowered to be their truest and best selves, unapologetically.

Written by: News Room