LovelyOcean has released New Single «Trip»


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LovelyOcean, announced the release of their new single, «Trip», produced by Juno. LovelyOcean, originally from Monrovia California, is a Los Angeles based rapper and creative artist with a love and passion for music.

They started writing poetry at a very early age to help cope with being very introverted. Over time the poems transitioned into songs that truly represented what it meant to be Black, queer and non-binary just trying to navigate through an unforgiving world. Introverted and insightful, LovelyOcean’s music touches on mental health, fantasy and life while Black.

Buckle up for a journey into the mind of LovelyOcean as they explore a psychedelic reality in their new single «Trip». Colourful lyricism and imagery elevates the song into another dimension that LovelyOcean calls home. The song delves into subjects regarding the desire to escape, trying to face reality in the midst of turmoil and an overall reflection of life. The smooth, well written lyrics over a jazzy beat create the perfect vibe for anyone who is also looking to go on their own Trip.

LovelyOcean cites the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic as the main inspiration for the song. They explained that «when the pandemic started, I was looking for any means of escaping the very scary reality of what was now life. Psychedelics helped me to cope with my surroundings by seeing it in a new perspective. That was the driving motivation as to why I wrote the song».

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud