Premiere : Chris Youmans new single «Heart of a Lie»

today09/09/2022 5

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Chris Youmans

Chris Youmans is venturing into uncharted waters with his sizzling new single, «Heart of a Lie». This fresh, dreamy heartbreak anthem serves as a companion piece of sorts to its predecessor, «Too Close».

While the latter weaves a tale of daydreams and secret desires, «Heart of a Lie» is a journey of surrender and self-empowerment. The song explores how one epiphany can release the tumultuous yearnings of the past and thrust the heart forward into greater possibilities and truer love. Both deeply personal and painfully relatable, both innovative and timeless, no summer playlist is complete without it.

From the splashy opening vocal line to the insistent, blood-pumping rhythm of the verse, the shimmering track boasts an epic, timeless pop sensibility. Youmans’s longing vocals evoke the raw emotional verve of Swedish mastermind Robyn, while the explosive choruses hearken back to the powerful harmonies of Fleetwood Mac. Like Youmans’s first two singles, the production is both retrospective and futuristic, seamlessly infusing a relentless, synth-laden 80s beat with the pristine, euphoric sleekness of modern pop.

«Heart of a Lie” is the third entry from Youmans’s forthcoming EP, Electric Love Connection. His previous two singles, «DANSE» and «Too Close», have been compared to the likes of MIKA and Superorganism. Critics have called Youmans’s newest work «quality music» that is «beautifully danceable» and a «memorable auditory bliss».

While Youmans previously recorded, produced and released his 2016 debut EP, «Make Things Right’, this new venture has blossomed from collaboration with an impeccable team of cutting-edge creative minds. Production contributions come courtesy of DALE and LA-based artist, producer, and long-time friend, Daniel Bayot. Hannah Glass and Colin Deas have provided additional music support, while Aaron Cassou has helmed art direction. The result is a powerful, intergalactic exploration of music and queer love.

Off the heels of the licensing deal and international success of «DANSE», as well as the clear streaming momentum of «Too Close», Youmans is excited to present «Heart of a Lie», set for release in three parts (including acapella and instrumental versions) on September 9, 2022.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud