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TIN – «Chasing Highs»

today27/09/2022 3

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TIN 2022

Earlier this year, Australian pop singer, TIN, released an addictive song about a one night stand titled «Sex, Cologne & Cigarettes» and the video was memorably steamy.

He has just released his new track and the steam doesn’t stop there. «Chasing Highs» has a nostalgic road trip vibe with lyrics that encapsulate the hedonistic aspect of gay culture. The music video follows TIN and friends on a road trip down the coastline of Naarm, Australia where they get up to mischief and party the night away.

«’Chasing Highs’ was inspired by this group of friends who I met, all of whom were gorgeous inside and out and when we got to the club, we were just all making out with each other. There was an undeniable feeling of sisterhood amidst the platonic kissing. I LOVE the moment where my lips are an inch away from someone else’s right before we kiss and ‘chasing highs’ is a metaphor for the magnetic pull in that moment before kissing».

Some of the cast in the music video are actually from the aforementioned friendship group which has the video look all the more realistic and heated. The most notable thing about this scenario however, is that TIN has cast a female to get in on the action too.

«I wanted to do something a bit different with ‘Chasing Highs’ so I decided to toy with the notion that sexuality can be fluid. Casting a girl to be kissing all these boys as well was a nod to that fluidity as well as bisexuality», The colours in the music video vividly capture the nostalgic charm of the video as it celebrates friendship, making out and of course, chasing highs.

Written by: News Room