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Watch Out for Agon Branza and his new single «Some People»

today02/11/2022 10

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Agon Branza

Lisbon-born, London-based Agon Branza is an award-winning queer singer-songwriter, composer and producer who puts social justice at the heart of his work - both as a lyricist and through the queer artists whose voices he helps amplify as a producer from his home in Peckham.

Agon Branza‘s classical and cinematic scoring experience is reflected in his second single, «Some People», a confessional anthem about discrimination and «otherness» that presents itself as narratively structured and harmonically rich filmic pop music.

«As a queer person, I have come to realise that puing on a mask is usually harmful and that stepping away from certain people and discussions is crucial to preserve my mental health. ‘Some People’ was my way of writing about the inability of many people to mirror themselves and reason with less formulaic ways of living. This inability leads to counterarguments born of religious beliefs, fear (of the self and of change), and lack of exposure, used to deflect and diminish the other».

Some people turn away from the need to question and reflect. Therefore, the search for reasoning always out – weighs the feelings of those who are judged. This song is about making peace with this war, which can open mean being complicit or perceived as such. Agon says that in the end «Some People» is about «recharging, regaining control and being strong in my fragility».

The song’s arrangement works as an analogy of social evolution, starting with the old and evolving into a modern-day electronically-layered production that is powerful enough, yet coexists with the more classical piano and cello sounds.

He is currently writing and recording material for an upcoming debut EP centred around themes of discrimination and apathy, in collaboration with Paul Frith (The XX, Radiohead, Bear’s Den) and Trans Voices (UK’s first professional trans choir).

Releasing On The 15th November 2022.

Written by: News Room