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Juliana Hale Takes The High Road in Alt-pop Single «Fake»

today13/11/2022 1

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Juliana Hale

«Fake» explodes with honesty, confidence, and moody alt-pop soundscapes as Hale navigates the unseen true colours of a former friend. Embellished with heavy, atmospheric instrumentation and Hale’s electric vocal delivery, this track is an empowering ode to staying true to yourself in spite of others taking advantage of you.

Nashville’s pop princess, Juliana Hale, confronts a snake from her past in her empowering alt-pop single, «Fake» releasing December 2nd. The songstress is no stranger to overcoming obstacles, and navigating betrayal from those closest to her is no different. Through impeccable restraint and poise, Hale has deemed it fair to allow karma to reveal the masks fake friends wear on its own. This grace, however, did not mean she’d fail to take an opportunity to create incredibly empowering music for those experiencing similar circumstances. With a dark edgy twist on her usual bright pop sound, Hale enlisted Justin Johnson, an up and coming producer in Nashville, to bring her vision to light. With inspiration from powerful female acts like Halsey, Dove Cameron, and Upsahl, Hale not only embodies the alt edge these artists are known for, but indulges her own signature twist.

Throughout life, we encounter individuals whose soul intentions are to crush those around them; Hale was blindsided by this realisation, yet refuses to allow snakes to violate her peace. She compares these individuals to knockoffs of designer brands, like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. She sings, «you’re like fake Louis, Gucci, looks good at first, turn on the lights then you’ll see». These lyrics resonate with listeners who have left a toxic friendship, or any relationships where others refuse to acknowledge their true colours. The genuine rawness of Juliana’s honest, impactful lyrics and power driven sound may have opened up a new era for the songstress that we are lucky to witness the beginning of.

Listeners can stream «Fake» on all major platforms on 2nd December 2022. 

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