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New single «Do I Ever Cross Your Mind» from Scott Berry coming soon!

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«Do I Ever Cross Your Mind» is the first single to be released from Scott Berry’s 2ndAlbum that will be released in 2023.

Scott Berry is excited about this project because it’s asking that age old question that everyone who has been bullied, picked on or singled out by large groups of people thinks when reflecting on the past or present. («Do I Ever Cross Your Mind») Scott wrote this song about his own accounts of bullying and trouble times he experienced during his school days, but also into early adulthood.

Scott is sharing these accounts that he has been though to make others aware that is ok to question and think on these things, also to make people aware that actions do have consequences and what might be funny at the time could seriously scar people for long periods of there life. This song was recorded at Scott’s home and produced by him as well, Scott loves the creative side to his music and thrives in getting stuck into his work.

Scott Berry is an openly gay singer songwriter who has only just started in this industry. Scott has been writing songs since he was a teenager but experienced a lot of hurdles in his life that has stopped him in his tracks to pursue his dream of others listening and being able to relate to his song lyrics. Scott has been through a very turbulent relationship that has fuelled to his creativity of writing his own song lyrics. Scott also tragically lost his mother at the age of 22 very suddenly, he has always been troubled by this resulting in reaching out to wellbeing to better understand and help him, this also has contributed to bit music with some very heartfelt songs relating to his experienced and emotions.

Scott decided during the Covid-19 Pandemic that he really loved making music and creating it but then realised that all this was for nothing if no one heard it. With all the scares and uncertainty that came with he Covid-19 Pandemic Scott realised life is too short to keep worrying about what overs thing and being judged, so he plucked up the courage and decided that he will release his music, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Scott’s music has received brilliant response from listeners, and this has only contributed to him wanting to create more and share with the world, to help others through tough times and make them feel good and realise that life is worth living to the fullest and not to let anything or anyone stop you doing what you love to do.

«Do I Ever Cross Your Mind» are released on the 16th December 2022. So while you’re waiting, you can listen to previously released songs below.

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