Venn Smyth new single «Sober», aiming to climb to the top of LGBTQ Music Chart

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Venn Smyth

Venn Smyth’s latest single «Sober» questions how we can do life and love without all the extras.

And perhaps music has a place to help with the healing? With saxophone, synths and an energy to make you move, this is fun pop that looks at important issues. It was released everywhere on Friday 13th January 2023, this is the latest single released by the queer pop artist, produced by Jack Gourlay of Ferocious Productions. «Sober» is the first track released this year by Venn, and will form part of upcoming full album «Master of Disguise».

«Sober» further showcases Venn’s ability to create music for reflection and dancing in equal measure, influenced by artists such as Robyn, Erasure and Tom Aspaul. An avid playlister and supporter of fellow independent and queer artists, Venn also hosts his own podcast and playlist on Spotify called «Venn’s Quop». Quop stands for Queer Pop, and over the last couple of years, Venn has found an amazing community of queer pop artists who are doing it all independently and who look out for and support each other.

Unashamedly pop with a strong message, Venn Smyth writes songs that dance around subjects and stories important to him. These include identity, queerness, community and finding your voice. He is from rural central Scotland, but currently lives in London. Alongside writing and performing, he teaches and works with young people, including leading LGBTQ+ youth music projects.

«Sober» will get it first play on LGBTQ Music Chart radio show hosted by Tim Graham on 107 Meridian FM this Saturday (21st January 2023) at 5PM (UK, Scotland and Irish time) or 18.00 (CET / EU time). On Saturday 28th January on the LGBTQ Music Chart radio show, we will know if «Sober» managed to climb to the top on it first week.

Venn’s track Sunrise reached No.1 in the LGBTQ Music Chart and has featured on Queerantine and the Track by Track podcast. Fun Fact : Did you know ‘Venn’ means friend in Norwegian.

His first single «Burn Me» was remixed by Ben Howell, the man behind the Dua Lipa/BBC News mash-up which went viral in the first lockdown of 2020. LGBTQ+ radio station GlitterBeam interviewed the duo and featured Ben Howell’s remix of «Burn Me» on their morning show. The song has also been added to their playlists, and subsequent feedback was very positive – «our listeners were LIVING for it».

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud