Friday, March 24, 2023

«Outed On Friday!» – Week 12 – 2023

It’s the end of a work week and that means, new music are released – so here is this week’s «Outed On Friday!».

Azra, a powerful Pop-Rock artist, inspires listeners to go «All Out»

With infectious power pop melodies, angst-filled lyrics, and an unapologetically fearless attitude, Azra radiates an empowering sense of self-love and confidence on «All Out».

Steinsdotter Catches Her Breath On Avant-Garde Pop Single «Air»

Gay MusicSteinsdotter Catches Her Breath On Avant-Garde Pop Single «Air»

Orchestral, anthemic, and primal, «Air» reigns from the deepest corners of the soul, rising up and embracing solace in spite of life's most uncertain moments.

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London based songwriter and artist Steinsdotter has recently released a stunning demonstration of vulnerability and courage with her newest offering, «Air», available on all major streaming platforms now. Following her recent release, «Nightshift», that garnered attention from esteemed tastemakers like Mundane Magazine, We Write About Music, and She Makes Music, «Air» greets fans with an enticing departure from the sounds Steinsdotter has explored in previous releases. This track is about resilience; it embodies the difficult moments of convincing oneself to defiantly reclaim control of their circumstances when life gets too overwhelming. Haunting, stripped back versus blossom into lush, all encompassing choruses imploring listeners to find the courage to keep breathing through hardship. Listeners can expect to hear influence from artists like Björk, Tori Amos, and Florence The Machine.

Steinsdotter created «Air» from a concept sparked by long-time friend and collaborator Fayann Smith. A singer songwriter and electronic music producer in her own right, Smith has shared writing credits with major pop acts and underground producers, working on projects as diverse as a modern operatic performance at the British Museum, to the score for an art film debuted during the Venice Biennale. The captivating piano and strings arrangement on «Air» was composed by Birmingham Conservatoire graduate Sarah Kershaw. Kershaw is a performance artist and classically trained pianist performing as a regular member of Steinsdotter’s band. With the inspiration for «Air» largely coming from Steinsdotter’s experience navigating life with PTSD, the track captures the nerve-wracking experience of desperately attempting to calm one’s breath when anxiety threatens to take over. For anyone that has ever felt the weight of the world on their chest, Steinsdotter hopes «Air» can serve as a reminder that regardless of the circumstance, you are resilient.

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