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Just Shy Delves Into Alluring Late-Night Shadows On «Silhouette»

today02/03/2023 3

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Just Shy

On his brand-new song, «Silhouette», Just Shy embraces the excitement and mayhem of LGBTQ nightlife as a manifesto for dance floor self-assurance.

The seductive pop-house track, out on 30th March 2023, sees Just Shy, «a singer who seems to encapsulate the feeling of the middle of the night with extreme smarts» (Nick Kelly), return to his area of expertise.

Just Shy takes centre stage on the dance floor with «Silhouette», but with a sensual new twist. The song is plenty of grit; Just Shy sings, «I’m gonna take my top off on the dancefloor/No I’m not gonna drop off at the front door», in its rousing chorus. He extols his «confessions that I’ll regret/flirtations that I’ll forget» and «that particular joy I feel when boy meets a boy» as he regales the audience.

The song’s lyrics were written by Just Shy as «a manifesto for how confident and free I want to feel while I’m out», the artist claims. I tend to be pretty shy, but when I dance or perform, a much brasher part of myself emerges. I’m hoping that this song will inspire people to dance the night away in their true self.

Dion Shaw’s production of «Silhouette» features a pounding pop-house beat that draws inspiration from more recent songs like Beyonce’s «Alien Superstar» as well as Madonna’s «Vogue» and other timeless tracks. Just Shy’s crisp vocals, which Curtis Hatton of Studio Truth produced, are supported by the track’s heavy-hitting bass and Vogue-inspired horn flourishes and are rich with precise harmonies and vocoders.

The confidence Just Shy displays on «Silhouette» is a result of his improved live presence over the past year, which has seen him play places like The Gasometer, the Kindred Bandroom, and most recently, the Prince Bandroom as part of Midsumma Festival. It has been so exciting to see how audiences react to his performances, he muses. This year, I can’t wait to perform «Silhouette» and other new songs live around the city.

«Silhouette» is the first single to be lifted from Just Shy’s forthcoming debut EP, scheduled for release in mid-2023.

Written by: News Room