Saturday, September 30, 2023

Devorah’s new single «Fire Spinner»

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Devorah, an LGBTQ+ artist, has released her new single «Fire Spinner», a song about a fire-dancing girl and how she embodies the energy and attention of those around her. Her velvet voice and infectious beats blend with her Reiki healing practice.

Devorah describes the song as spiritual in nature, with the girl portrayed in the song expressing her love through her spinning hoops of fire

«Fire Spinner» is a lighthearted song filled with affection and intensity that tells the story of Devorah and the fire dancer’s love. «I love a girl who spins fire, and she is letting her love flow through her hoops and her roots», she says of the song’s inspiration. Roots are used to describe grounding in meditative practices, so it has a spiritual meaning. «Fire Spinner» produced by Kevin Cho, is brought to life by Devorah’s vocals, whose colour and depth work in tandem with the bass-rich chorus.

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