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Mathew V, a queer artist, will release a new album titled «Anything Goes»

today18/03/2023 23

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Mathew V

Mathew V, a Vancouver-based queer singer, will released «Anything Goes», a new album that seeks to reframe the Great American Songbook's assumed heteronormative narratives.

«Anything Goes», due out on 14th April 2023 on 604 Records, takes standards by Cole Porter, George Gershwin, and Henry Mancini and draws out queer perspectives from the elegant imprecision of their timeless lyrics.

«Queer culture, gay history, and jazz music have a lot of parallels», explains Mathew V. «Jazz music was vilified not just as a genre of music but as a lifestyle that society looked down upon. It was synonymous with sin. This music lives at the intersection of camp, glamor, and showmanship, which are all aspects that inform the very essence of my performance».

Mathew V‘s take on George Gershwin’s «The Man I Love», the most traditional arrangement and delivery on the album, pushes the boundaries of conventional jazz from a queer perspective. Of the process, Mathew says, «It’s been exciting choosing songs like ‘The Man I Love’ which a man like me may not have been able to sing when these songs were written», and adds, «I’m at a place in my career and in my life that I not only want to sing at my highest caliber, but I want that music to come from my heart. I owe that to the little Mathew that was looking for this record all those years ago».

«Anything Goes» are out on 14th April 2023.

Mathew V speaks out against the vilification of jazz throughout «Anything Goes», boldly bringing his thoughts to life with storied tunes like «Moon River» and «Georgia On My Mind», each sung from the perspective of a queer man who embodies rebellion, flirtatiousness, and glamor. This track record enables Mathew to confidently discuss his feelings about love, romantic trials, and tribulations with other men.

The new album also includes the original song «My Boy», which was inspired by Marilyn Monroe and was a fan favorite on tour, prompting Mathew to include it on the album. The song was written on the spur of the moment with Mathew’s co-writer Ben Dunnill. «Ben was in Europe at the time and sent me a voice note for a chorus idea from a public train station piano», Mathew recalls of the process. The voice notes flew back and forth from there, and ‘My Boy’ came to life». «My Boy» has the ability to transport listeners to a glamorous smoke-filled 1960s lounge thanks to witty lyrics, a walking bass line, and energetic piano solos.

Mathew V‘s timeless musical sensibilities are most evidently rooted in his youth. At the age of 17, he relocated from Vancouver, Canada to London, England, and began experimenting with what would become his signature soul-filled vocal style. Following his musical awakening in Europe, Mathew signed with 604 Records, became a sought after topliner in the dance world, and now makes his vocal jazz debut with his tasteful rendition of the Great American Songbook.

Written by: News Room