Azra, a powerful Pop-Rock artist, inspires listeners to go «All Out»

today21/03/2023 7

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With infectious power pop melodies, angst-filled lyrics, and an unapologetically fearless attitude, Azra radiates an empowering sense of self-love and confidence on «All Out».

The empowering new single «All Out» by Los Angeles-based artist Azra is now available on all major streaming platforms. The substance pop singer moves on from her recent punk rock rendition of Alicia Keys‘ «Girl on Fire» to an era of boundless, authentic self-love.

With this single, the powerhouse songstress seeks to continue invigorating and empowering each of her Azradeities, as well as anyone who has ever felt like an outcast or misfit while trying to find their place in the world, having garnered the attention of esteemed media such as PopWrapped, LA Weekly, Hollywood Life, and The Hype Magazine.

«All Out» is a one-way ticket to Azra’s safe haven, the 6th Dimension, where anyone and everyone is free to embrace their truth fearlessly and proudly. «All Out» is the song to blast at full volume in moments of insecurity and self-doubt to gain self-assurance and the courage to confront anything in life that is holding you back. With this track, Azra gives listeners permission to liberate themselves and break the silence they’ve created between themselves and the rest of the world. This electrifying single is inspired by pop icons such as Kelly Clarkson, Pink, and Lady Gaga, who are known for powerful vocals that are imbued with passion, meaning, and charisma.

«All Out» is the first single to be released from Azra’s upcoming summer EP, and it sets the tone for this new era to be strong and stormy. «All Out», written in Joshua Tree, fits into her self-described Substance Pop sound, which combines elements of pop, rock, soul, punk, and dance, and shines with purpose above all else. At its core, this substance pop track is cathartic, energetic, and unhinged, and it encourages listeners to look inside themselves and embrace what they discover. Listening to «All Out» feels like the wind is in your face, things are flying in slow motion, the world is on fire (symbolising LIFE), and the entire town is painted in colour. This song is for misfits, rebels, and anyone who feels excluded and without a sense of belonging.

«All Out» exists at the crossroads of self-doubt and finally embracing the aspects of ourselves that we’ve been taught to be ashamed of. Azra has lived her entire life with an electric enthusiasm and intensity that hasn’t always been received or accepted positively; the single serves as a dialogue between Azra and her younger self, reassuring her of the value she has despite her recklessness. She’s processed these experiences and concluded that wearing your heart on your sleeve is always preferable to diluting yourself to conform to society’s expectations of how we «should» be.

Written by: News Room