pMad gives us alt dark gothic emotional «Down»

today21/03/2023 8

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When your personal safety is violated and your belief in your own competency and adequacy is called into question by others who want to have power over you, you are «Down»!

Bullying primarily damages identity and self-esteem; taking steps to repair these are difficult, but the one thing you must understand is that «Your Life Is Worth Living» and «You Won’t Bring Me Down»………………… anymore.

Until this is accomplished, it will just keep starting each day you wake up; put a stop to it now; life is too short to continue suffering!

pMad has been described as a massive and passionate alternative dark brooding alt rock artist who has created a masterpiece that blends crashing guitars, pounding drums, stirring vocals, and a controlled intense passion that builds beautifully.

Paul Dillon, a solo artist from Portumna, Co. Galway, Ireland, is known professionally as «pMad».  pMad’s colourful blend of Gothic Rock, Indie, and Post-Punk with a unique and intriguing concept released his debut album «Who Why Where What» in November 2022 and now returns with his new single «Down».

Written by: News Room