Sunday, December 3, 2023

With her new hypnotic retro pop single, Steinsdotter finds joy in «Dancing in the shower»

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«Dancing in the shower» is a feel-good pop song that rides a cool spring wind in the early morning sun. This seductive tune captivates listeners with Steinsdotter’s airy vocal delivery floating atop powerful funk bass rhythms, fluid percussion, and silky synths inspired by retro-pop styles such as boogie and lounge.

Steinsdotter, an avant-garde singer-songwriter, welcomes fans to her latest pop endeavour, «Dancing In The Shower», which is available on all major platforms. Following «Nightshift» and «Air», «Dancing In The Shower» is an undeniable monument to the shapeshifting artist’s flexibility as she continues to peel back the layers of her inventiveness.

From dark electronic pop, to primal, anthemic folk pop, to the sound listeners hear on the March 3rd release, Steinsdotter has developed a breathtaking demonstration of her great creative potential over the course of her discography. The carefree emotions and inviting escapism on this track exist as a momentary release from everything weighing down your spirit, emulating the gently ecstatic splendour of a flaming sunrise.

Steinsdotter wrote «Dancing in the shower» with friend and alt-pop singer Red Jesus. On this track, the two composers’ creative connection shines brightly, with hints of iconic throwback pop icons like Madonna, Gwen Stefani, and Paula Abdul. Steinsdotter hopes that listeners will take away a sense of joy and release from «Dancing in the shower», and that the song will serve as a reminder to find time for fun in the middle of the chaos that will inevitably appear in all of our lives sooner or later. Whatever is going on in your life, this song gives listeners permission to take a moment, go outside of themselves, and dance in the shower. This love single speaks to anyone who is willing to recognise their need for joy and make time for fun despite life’s ups and downs.

Steinsdotter is a London-based artist who creates airy electronic pop with a sophisticated edge. She is a descendent of a daring Viking warrior witch whose remains can still be discovered in the British Museum. Her music has an incantation-like sound, combining sophisticated and avant garde production that accentuates her meditative voice. Her whispers are infused with the ferocity of Norse sagas.

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