Thursday, September 21, 2023

a_shes, a queer alt-pop performer, has released the introspective single «Red Flags»

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a_shes, a hybrid-pop artist, has returned with his first song of the year, «Red Flags». The ethereal new offering is reminiscent of genre-defining acts like Lorde.

Sky Ferreira and the 1975. «Red Flags», a bittersweet song that showcases a_she’s distinct artistry, combines a catchy pop hook with a glistening soundscape and melancholic lyrics.

«It’s a synth-rock throwback exploring the messy and confusing landscape of love and sex as a fresh adult, and the self-destructive lengths we indulge in to feel desired and avoid loneliness», a_shes said about the track.

a_shes hopes to build on his emerging presence in the indie music scene with «Red Flags», a synth-rock effort that examines the perplexing and tumultuous landscape of love and sex as a young adult, as well as the self-destructive lengths we go to just to feel desired.

The publication of «Red Flags» follows the release of his first two singles in 2022. His debut single «movies & music» has been featured in journals such as We Write Bout Music, Eleven Playlist, Roadie Magazine, Tongue-Tied Magazine, and Amazing Radio playlists.

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