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Jxckson’s latest single, «Radio Silence», is a masterpiece of silence

today12/04/2023 5

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Jxckson - 2023A

Jxckson is overjoyed to announce the release of Boy Sim's production of his most recent hit, «Radio Silence». Starting on 14 April 2023, the song will be accessible on all major streaming services.

«Radio Silence» is an experimental alt-pop ballad that takes listeners on a journey through the emotional distance that grows between two people until they’re left with no choice but to part ways. The song features a unique vocal effect miming a radio transmission, emphasising the last effort to try and reach someone so far away. With heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocals, «Radio Silence»is a hauntingly beautiful track that showcases Jxckson’s dynamic range as a musician.

«I think ‘Radio Silence’ is my riskiest song release yet», says Jxckson. «It’s experimental in the sense of effects used to highlight the song and I’m not necessarily known for slow songs. But it’s the most exciting I’ve been about a song release – for the same reason. It’s different».

«Radio Silence» is the second official single from Jxckson’s forthcoming EP, «The Deep End«, which will be released on May 25th. «Radio Silence» will be averrable on major streaming platforms from 14 April 2023.

Written by: News Room