«Cement Shoes», a striking new single from Izzy Strigel, is released

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Izzy Strigel

Izzy Strigel, a rising singer, has released «Cement Shoes», a sad song that reflects on the intricacies between the various aspects of herself and the collapse in her relationships after a trying time.

Izzy Strigel’s «Cement Shoes» combines electro-pop, EDM, and dance influences with upbeat, abrasive beats and snippets of voicemails and phone calls to create a dynamic patchwork of sound that mirrors the artist’s fragmented mental state as a result of addiction. The song explores the challenging, non-linear journey that healing can take, as well as the negative experiences it might bring about. According to Strigel, «Addiction has destroyed my relationships, and this song represents my inner thoughts of being stuck and unwilling to change».

The Nicholas Belvis – produced song is «a representation of the angel and demon on my shoulders that pull me into addiction and destroy the relationships around me», according to the artist. The tune examines the anguish of discovering things are fast and inexorably falling out of your control and being stuck in a terrible vacuum of isolation in response to the opening voicemail, which informs her, «You’re a child».

The vulnerability of the song is accompanied by a spectrum of feelings, and the rhythms are at once frantic, thrilling, and nervous, reflecting the problems and yearning for something beyond bad habits. Eventually, «Cement Shoes» clears the mist and helps Strigel come to terms with the complexities and dualities of opposing emotions.

Izzy Strigel rips down these unsettling, sad truths and is committed to discovering the light hidden between the cracks. She acknowledges that she has injured herself and others while embracing the boldness of taking on these difficulties, demonstrating her resilience and dedication to mend her relationships with both herself and others.

When Izzy Strigel was a little child, she started singing. Strigel, who is presently residing in Los Angeles and was born in Durham, North Carolina, has demonstrated his ability to wear many hats by switching between alternative, experimental, and electro-pop influences. She started playing the piano, guitar, and drums and started utilising music to express her rich, complex emotions. Strigel draws lyrical and musical inspiration from writers like Mo, Remi Wolf, and Dominic Fike, as well as well-known pop stars like Justin Bieber and The Chainsmokers.

Izzy Strigel transforms self-destructive tendencies into an examination of the ups and downs of healing in her song «Cement Shoes», which examines the tumultuous and tortured relationship she has with the various sides of herself.

Written by: News Room