Eminzada debut EP, «Don’t Tell My Mother», is Out!

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Eminzada is a multifaceted artist with a distinctive aesthetic and a strong point of view. Born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan,

Before moving to London, Eminzada lived in Azerbaijan, Turkey, and the U.S, experiencing a rich array of cultures. His work explores ideas of camp, desire, and escapism while paying attention to his classical training in music composition. It also represents freedom of expression, his native musical culture, and futurism, with his Azerbaijani heritage shining through throughout.

Six songs on his debut EP, «Don’t Tell My Mother», touch on the artist’s development to date. The genre as well as the words are reflective of this journey. This metamorphosis, from indie pop to dark, techno music, shows how Eminzada has developed as a more self-assured artist. The EP flawlessly captures every aspect of who the artist is and draws heavily on his Azerbaijani roots.

The lyricist explains, «I’ve tried infusing Middle Eastern musical elements into their music, including employing traditional instruments, incorporating Arabic or Persian voice styles, or fusing Middle Eastern rhythms and melodies with contemporary electronic production techniques. This can produce a fresh, hybrid sound that embodies both my unique creative vision and the cultural elements that have influenced the way I express myself via music. The close relationship between the artist and his mother, which inspired the EP’s title, was another major motivator. As he explains, «I was learning to feel comfortable with myself throughout the preparations for this EP, going through genre and stylistic transformations. But as I moved closer to my comfort zone, I kept telling myself, ‘Don’t tell my mother!’».

«Bloodline» delves more into this relationship. The musician acknowledges that, despite their strong relationship, his family cannot dictate his life choices in the song, which explores the need to live truly oneself despite parental concerns.

The next song is «Aries Soulmate», which draws heavily on his astrological convictions. According to Eminzada, «When two Aries people come into contact with one another, it can result in a dynamic and exciting relationship that is marked by passion, energy, and a mutual desire for adventure. However, it is crucial that the two people work together to create a balance and a sense of mutual respect while also being aware of their particular tendencies towards domination and rivalry.

The fan-favorite song «Beautiful Long Hair» has enigmatic Middle Eastern undertones that are expertly balanced by the modern alt-pop production, and the melody is constructed using the Chargah musical scale from Azerbaijan. The song addresses the attraction to persons with lovely long hair and the assurance that seems to go along with it in a kaleidoscope of vibrant instrumentation.

The character in «Sociopath» is the one you’re frightened of becoming. According to Eminzada, «I eventually met a lot of sociopaths in my life; their toxic personalities and demanding attitudes were a part of my life. At the end of the day, I was so worn out that I was unable to carry out my regular tasks. I felt like a source of energy for them. ‘Sociopat’ rises with electrically charged synthesisers, a screaming bassline, and echoing vocality that was brought to life and recorded by a harmonic choir from a local Hampstead church, continuing an inquiry into his genuinely idysocratic lectures».

Bringing the EP to a close, «Beggar» is another song where the artist is trying to bring awareness about toxic and manipulating men. Lyrically, this song cautions us against manipulation, which can take many different forms, such as using sex and money as a means of control. Arca, a Venezuelan musician, and Michael Jackson’s «Thriller» served as musical inspirations.

The main theme of Eminzada’s work is his support for the disabled LGBTQIA+ community, which highlights artists who have faced hardship in their lives and struggled to fit in with their communities. Eminzada handles a handicap called Pectus Excavatum, which may be a crippling obstacle for vocalists in particular. As such, he is not just an ally and advocate for this group but also a member of it. Eminzada has big objectives, and he intends to launch a nonprofit organisation named the «Emin Eminzada Foundation» with the purpose of assisting musicians in fulfilling their potential.

Written by: News Room