Dark pop melodies are provided by queer producer DOV in «Something Beautiful» remix

today03/05/2023 7

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NYC's DOV adds his unique production to alternative R&B artist Chinwe's well-known single «Something Beautiful», masterfully capturing the dark side of a sad moment.

The «Something Beautiful» remix is a melancholy and undeniably catchy continuation of the original, channeling strong percussion and hyper-pop elements. The remix delves deeply into the ecstatic distress that a message to «live for the moment» could produce, capturing an acceptance that a beautiful moment might not endure. Although the moment is alluring, it is fleeting, and DOV doesn’t take long to add his own unique touch.

«Chinwe’s original song has something ‘sweet and smooth’ about it and the production is more on the chill vibe. When me and Chinwe talked about doing a remix for the song I knew that I wanted to give it a whole new interpretation ‘DOV’s way’ and through that show the power of production and how a different production can take the song to a totally different place» – DOV

DOV, a queer liberal musician and artist, fled Tel Aviv’s contradictory beliefs because they didn’t match the life he wanted to live as the son of a left-wing political activist.

The DOV project, which was established in Brooklyn in 2017, was started by a queer, Jewish immigrant who wanted to put his own unique spin on alt-pop. His distinctive production approach, which captures his experience in the LGBTQ community in NYC, has been dubbed «striking, deeply original work, at once pop but also deeply alien» by Clash and Line of Best Fit.

Popular store Cool Hunting quotes «DOV serves as a spokesperson for (and to) the LGBTQIA community by creating expressive, alluring pop songs from his honest perspective. Although identity serves as the track’s primary motivator, the dramatic musical backdrop enhances the overall impact. The duo has struck musical gold with a hugely relatable song, amplified by none other than DOV himself, thanks to Chinwe’s further support from the likes of Complex, Wonderland, Fred Perry Subculture, BBC 1XTRA (Jamz Supernova), and BBC Introducing (Tom Robinson)».

Written by: News Room